Body Temperature Reader

How it works

Fever is the most common symptom experienced by individuals who have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

  • Thermalpass detects an individual’s body temperature using touchless, medical grade thermal sensors with an accuracy of within ±0.4 °C (±0.72°F).

Staff are alerted by a visual or audio signal when a specified temperature is exceeded, enabling them to identify the individual and respond according to company protocols.

ThermalPass’s modern design and solid construction makes it non-imposing and creates minimal disruption while taking accurate thermal readings of up to 60 people per minute.


Individuals proceed at a normal walking pace – limiting lineup wait times and crowding

  • Approach at a normal pace – no need to slowdown or wait for a reading
  • ThermalPass™ thermal sensors take multiple readings per second
    • If a high temperature reading is detected a small hidden light / sound will notify staff to enact safety protocols
    • Normal temperature reading allows individual to enter unimpeded
Thermal Camera


Fever Detection Thermal Scanners
Multiple Thermal Temperature Sensors
  • 24 Medical grade sensors
  • Accurate within ±0.4°C (±0.72°F)
  • System is more stable than thermal imaging
  • Does not use cameras – eliminating privacy concerns
  • Dual zone temperature system
  • Protected to avoid damage
  • 100% Safe

Fever Detection Thermal Scanners
  • Process up to 60 people per minute – avoiding wait times and lineups
  • No need to remove garments or to physically engage the temperature reader in any way.

Infrared Temperature Scanner
  • Non-imposing design to discretely blend in
  • Small adjustable light / sound controller

Infrared Body Scanners
  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Includes a rechargeable power pack

    -Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for up to 45 hours of operation

Infrared Temperature Reader
Weather resistant
  • Can be used outdoors in any weather
  • Ambient temperature does not impact performance
Coronavirus Fever Detection

Fever Detection Device
  • Accommodates wheelchairs, strollers and even groups of 2 (parent and child)

Infrared Thermal Scanner
Data / Analytics
  • Traffic count, Time of day, Alerts
COVID-19 Thermal Fever Detection Cameras


  • Temperature Sensors
  • Target Count Detection
  • Power
  • Communication
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental
  • Warranty

Type: Medical grade Dual zone infrared thermopile

Wavelength: 5.5-14µm

Accuracy: ±0.4˚C in range 36˚C to 38˚C (0.72˚F/96.8˚F to 100.4˚F)

Resolution: 0.01˚C (0.018˚F)

Scan rate: 1,200 times per second

Type: Infrared beam

Wavelength: 940nm

Detection Interval: 0.5 seconds

Fixed: AC/DC, 1 output, 12W, 12V, 1A, 6-foot chord

Batteries: 2 Li-ion Polymer 18650, 3500mAh, cells

Battery Protection: Protected from short circuit, overcharge and overheating

Charger Supply: 12v dc, 1 amp, from mains adaptor

Charging Time: 12 hours

Run time: Up to 45 hours from fully changed batteries

Monitor and Configuration: USB slave device – Requires FTDI virtual port drivers on host machine Windows-based software supplied

Cellular: LTE Cat M1/ Cat NB1/ EGPRS modem suitable for most countries worldwide SIM Embedded

SIM: chip with worldwide roaming

Height: 2.31m (91")

Width: 0.99m (39")

Depth: 0.94m (37”) / 1.04m (41”)

Weight: 11.34Kg (25lbs)

Material: Black anodised Aluminum, 50x60mm (1.97" x 2.36")

Storage: -40˚C to +85˚C (-40˚F - 185˚F), 0 to 95% Rh

Operation: -20˚C to +65˚C (-4˚F - 149˚F), 0 to 95% Rh

Protection: Weather resistant

Mechanicals: 1 year

Electronics: 1 year

Batteries: 1 year

Dimensions - Portable Model

Temperature Reader

Dimensions - Pro Model

Thermal Body Camera


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