ThermalPass is created by SMRTLabs

a joint venture between AI Labs and Commersive Solutions.

COVID-19 Fever Detection

Created as an incubator for technology solutions, SMRTLabs’ mission is to take action and solve immediate problems through innovative thinking, development and application.
Employing a combination of entrepreneurship, a love of all technology and a culture of experimentation; we have created a platform that allows us to make an immediate and positive impact on some of the unique challenges we face today.
Exercising a different way of thinking, we develop products that solve modern day problems through the application of technology.
ThermalPass™ was launched by SMRTLAbs in May 2020, a product founded on necessity and created through innovation.

Thermal Fever Detection Device

AI Labs is an Internet of Things company. A cutting-edge technology firm that solves complex challenges using advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques. The Company collects and interprets information from disparate sources to develop actionable predictive and prescriptive applications which enable companies to make better decisions yielding greater results. Our solutions are used by global automakers and U.S. government institutions and can be applied to a wide range of industry verticals, including insurance, logistics, fleet management, agriculture, retail and public safety.

Infrared Fever Detection Device

Commersive Solutions specializes in creating interactive customer experiences within the retail sector. Through the development and integration of custom technologies and software, Commersive helps retailers put the customer first with engaging and unique interactions while enabling the collection of data and analytics that help their clients make smarter business decisions. Established in 2015, Commersive serves clients in the grocery, pharmaceutical, electronics, software, fashion and home improvement verticals.

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