Provide a safer environment for your customers, tenants and employees.


The ThermalPass Elevated Body Temperature Detection System identifies potential risk by detecting elevated body temperature. ThermalPass employs multiple infrared thermal sensors for greater accuracy and reliability – No Cameras are used, ensuring privacy and anonymity. With a touchless scan rate of up to 60 people per minute, ThermalPass keeps people moving, avoiding long lines and wait times.


Fever Detection Thermal Scanners Toronto

Multiple Thermal Temperature Sensors

  • 24 infrared thermal sensors
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Accurate to within ±0.4°C (±0.72°F)
  • Scan rate of 1,200 scans per second
  • Dual zone temperature system

Fever Detection Thermal Scanners Toronto

Fast and Efficient Engineering

  • Capacity of up to 60 people per minute
  • Accurately detects temperature for people of all heights
  • Configurable audible and visual alerts
  • No need to remove garments or accessories
  • Accommodates wheelchairs, strollers and groups of 2 (parent and child)

Fever Detection Thermal Scanners Toronto

Modern Design & Solid Construction

  • Unimposing to discretely blend in to its environment
  • Protected sensors to avoid damage
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Includes a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack for 45-50 hours of portable operation
  • Fever Detection Thermal Scanners TorontoMade in Canada
  • 1-year warranty
Fever Detection Thermal Scanners Toronto

Integrates with a multitude of enterprise solutions

  • Highly secured network
  • Easily integration into organization's Wi-Fi and ethernet communications networks
  • Access control & security systems
  • Industry standard APIs and web-relay protocols to simplify the integration process with video surveillance, RFID keypads turnstiles and many other devices
  • Managed & centralized services
  • Manage multiple entry/exit points from a single command center, lowering operating costs

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  • Temperature Sensors
  • Target Count Detection
  • Power
  • Communication
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental
  • Warranty

Type: Dual zone infrared thermopile

Wavelength: 5.5-14µm

Accuracy: ±0.4˚C in range 36˚C to 38˚C (0.72˚F/96.8˚F to 100.4˚F)

Resolution: 0.01˚C (0.018˚F)

Scan rate: 1,200 times per second

Type: Infrared beam

Wavelength: 940nm

Detection Interval: 0.5 seconds

Fixed: AC/DC, 1 output, 12W, 12V, 1A, 6-foot chord

Batteries: 2 Li-ion Polymer 18650, 3500mAh, cells

Battery Protection: Protected from short circuit, overcharge and overheating

Charger Supply: 12v dc, 1 amp, from mains adaptor

Charging Time: 12 hours

Run time: Up to 45 hours from fully changed batteries

Monitor and Configuration: USB slave device – Requires FTDI virtual port drivers on host machine Windows-based software supplied

Cellular: LTE Cat M1/ Cat NB1/ EGPRS modem suitable for most countries worldwide SIM Embedded

SIM: chip with worldwide roaming

Height: 2.31m (91")

Width: 0.99m (39")

Depth: 0.94m (37”) / 1.04m (41”)

Weight: 11.34Kg (25lbs)

Material: Black anodised Aluminum, 50x60mm (1.97" x 2.36")

Storage: -40˚C to +85˚C (-40˚F - 185˚F), 0 to 95% Rh

Operation: -20˚C to +65˚C (-4˚F - 149˚F), 0 to 95% Rh

Protection: Weather resistant

Mechanicals: 1 year

Electronics: 1 year

Batteries: 1 year

Dimensions - Portable Model

Temperature Reader

Dimensions - Pro Model

Thermal Body Camera


Portable Model

ThermalPass Portable is built for easy assembly and mobility

Temperature Reader

Pro Model

ThermalPass Pro is built for greater strength and stability in high traffic areas

Temperature Reader